Emergency Refills 

30-DAY Supply (Activated - EXPIRES ON OCTOBER 15, 2008)
The Board of Pharmacy has authorized pharamacists to dispense up to a 30 day supply of prescription medicine without authorization from the practitioner UNTIL OCTOBER 15, 2008. After October 15, 2008, pharmacists must contact the physician to dispense additional quantities other than the 72-hour supply that is allowed under Sec. 562.054 of the Pharmacy Act as indicted below.

The portion of the Texas Pharmacy Act dealing with Emergency Refills is below: 

72 Hour Supply (Allowed by Current Law)

Texas Pharmacy Act, Occupations Code, Subchapter J.

Sec. 562.054.  Emergency Refills.
A pharmacist may exercise the pharmacistís professional judgment in refilling a prescription for a prescription drug, other than a controlled substance listed in Schedule II as established by the commissioner of public health under Chapter 481, Health and Safety Code, without the authorization of the prescribing practitioner if:
    (1) failure to refill the prescription might result in an interruption of a therapeutic regimen or create patient suffering;
    (2) either:  
        (A) a natural or manmade disaster has occurred that prohibits the pharmacist from being able to contact the practitioner; or
        (B) the pharmacist is unable to contact the practitioner after reasonable effort;
    (3) the quantity of prescription drug dispensed does not exceed a 72-hour supply;
    (4) the pharmacist informs the patient or the patientís agent at the time of dispensing that the refill is being provided without the practitionerís authorization and that authorization of the practitioner is required for a future refill; and
    (5) the pharmacist informs the practitioner of the emergency refill at the earliest reasonable time.