Pharmacy Technician Registration


Welcome to the online application process for pharmacy technician registration.

To begin the registration process, complete the online application for Pharmacy Technician Registration by clicking the "complete the registration application" link at the bottom of this page

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter a correct and current mailing address.  You may file only ONE application.  If you made an error on your application, submit a written statement to TSBP via FAX to (512) 305-8075. Do NOT complete a second application to correct an error made on an application.

FINGERPRINTING: In order for TSBP to conduct a background check you are required to complete a fingerprint session through L1Identity Solutions. Information on how and when to register for a fingerprint session will be on your confirmation page. Retain a printed copy of the confirmation sheet for your records and print your FAST Fingerprint Pass form from the web link located on this confirmation sheet.

CAUTION: This application collects the information needed for registration and includes several questions to which you attest to certain background information. Answer all questions in a truthful manner. All information provided will be verified. Falsification of your application for registration (including partial falsification and/or giving information that is misleading) constitutes grounds to deny your application to obtain a registration. In addition, you should be aware that the following scenarios will delay the processing of your application: if you check "no" to any of the attest questions on the application when you should have checked "yes" to these questions; and/or if you check "yes" to any of the attest questions and fail to provide a complete description of your offense (i.e., year, city or county, and nature of offense).

When you are ready to begin, click here to complete the registration application.