Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration Application

Pharmacy Technician Trainee Application Tutorial(Video)

(You’ve Never been a Technician Trainee or a Technician in Texas)

Definition of Pharmacy Technician Trainee: An individual who is registered with the board as a pharmacy technician trainee and is authorized to participate in a pharmacy's technician training program.

Technician Trainee Registration is issued for two (2) years and may not be renewed. Submit only 1 application. All application fees are non-refundable – including applications made in error. If you made an error on an application, fax a statement to 512-305-8075.

Please review the following question before proceeding:

Do you now, or have you ever held or applied for a Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration in Texas?

If the correct answer is “yes”, DO NOT CONTINUE with this application.

If the correct answer is “no” to the above question, follow the instructions below:
Follow four simple steps to apply for your initial pharmacy technician registration application online

  1. Register for a secure online account. A password will be e-mailed to you from Your email address will be your user ID.
  2. After you register with the system, click on "apply for a new license" then click on "Initial Technician Trainee ”. Type your NAME AND ADDRESS IN ALL UPPER CASE! Use an address where you know you can receive mail from the US Postal Service. (include apartment numbers). Read the background questions carefully and answer them honestly.
  3. Pay the application fee with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.
  4. After you submit the application, you should receive 3 separate emails with a copy of the application, a payment receipt, and a fingerprint form (pdf attachment).

Fingerprint Session

You must get fingerprinted. Applications are not processed until fingerprint results are received. If you do not receive the fast fingerprint form send an email request to:, include your Full Name and Social Security Number.

After you complete your fingerprint session, you will have a receipt with a tracking number. Keep this for your records.

NOTE: Out of state applicants will also receive a packet with a fingerprint form and instructions sheet because the approved state vendor does not always allow a digital scan. The fingerprint packet is automatically mailed to the address provided on an application within 2 to 3 weeks of the date an application is submitted.  Allow time for this packet to arrive in the mail. Do not attempt to complete the fingerprint process prior to receiving the packet in the mail.

Monitor Application Status Online at:

Allow a minimum of 3 weeks for the application to be approved AFTER you have been fingerprinted. Once your application is approved, and your status is made ACTIVE, a certificate will be mailed to the address you entered on your application within 10 to 17 business days.

Applicants are urged to refrain from contacting TSBP staff regarding open applications, especially if the application is not yet approved due to criminal history. Repeated attempts to call staff further delays processing time. All “Yes” responses to Criminal Background Questions and any “Hits” of criminal history on your fingerprint results must be reviewed by an in-house enforcement officer. This review process may take several months. If you have nothing on your background, and it has been more than 4 weeks since you applied AND got fingerprinted, then perhaps you should contact TSBP staff.

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