To be eligible to be licensed as a Pharmacist in Texas, an individual must:

  1. be at least 18 years of age
  2. have obtained a B.S. in Pharmacy or a Pharm.D. degree from a Board approved, ACPE accredited college of pharmacy program, or have graduated from a college of pharmacy program outside the U.S. and have obtained full certification from the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Committee (FPGEC);
  3. take and pass both the NAPLEX and MPJE; and
  4. have completed 1500 hours of Board approved internship (see below).


The examinations are administered by the National Association of Board's of Pharmacy (NABP).

Texas examination applicants must pass the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Examination) and the MultiState Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) for Texas.

The two examinations are scored independently. If the applicant fails an examination, the applicant will be instructed in the results letter on how to apply and pay the necessary fees in order to retake any exam.

The minimum passing score on each exam is 75.


Two separate applications are required as listed below:

  1. Apply to Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) for License by Examination by submitting the application and fee online. This application may be submitted as early as 6-months prior to the expected graduation date.
  2. Apply to NABP to take the MPJE and NAPLEX by submitting the application and examination fees online. This application may be completed preferably during the first week of the expected graduation month.


  1. Copy of an official identification (driver’s license or state issued ID) containing a photograph and signature;
  2. Copy of your social security card;
  3. Graduation Affidavit (form provided on web). Completed and submitted by College of Pharmacy; and
  4. Copy of your birth certificate. Permanent Resident Card, naturalization paper or passport, may be substituted for birth certificate.
  5. If your name is different from any of the above documents, you must send a legal document of a court ordered change of name (i.e., marriage certificate).

After submitting the online Texas application for license by examination, immediately submit a copy of the Texas application receipt with the documents listed above to: Texas State Board of Pharmacy, 333 Guadalupe Street, Ste 3-600, Austin, TX 78701. Faxed Copies Will Not Be Accepted

FINGERPRINTING: In order for TSBP to conduct a background check you are required to complete a fingerprint session through Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas. Information on how and when to register for a fingerprint session will be on your confirmation page. NOTICE: Fingerprinting is required for each application type.


Applications submitted to TSBP are placed in date order according to the date they are received. TSBP has one staff person who processes applications; answers emails/telephone calls, approves applicants to NABP, and processes grades. Due to the high volume of applications received, it is generally 6 weeks before applications are reviewed.

Refrain from contacting the TSBP staff for a status of an application or receipt of supplemental documents until 6 weeks has past from date printed on the application receipt. Notification are sent to applicants, in writing, of any inefficiencies or supplemental documents not received at the time the application is reviewed (does not include verification of Intern hours).

Contacting TSBP staff prior to the 6 weeks waiting period will further delay the application process and the receipt of the Authorization to Test from NABP.

NABP will be notified once each week of applicants approved by TSBP to take the examination. The testing center will contact the applicant in writing via letter or email (if provided to NABP), with instruction on how to schedule an examination.

EXAMINATION RESULTS - Allow at Least 3 Weeks

Examination results are received from NABP once a week, generally at the beginning of each week. Notification of Examination results are given in a written letter which is mailed via U.S. Postal Service generally the last part of the week. Keep TSBP advised of your current mailing address at all times.

Examination results (pass, fail or score) WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED OVER THE TELEPHONE, FAXED, OR DISPLAYED ON THE WEB UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Examination results are processed by computer and the standard processing time for NAPLEX and MPJE results is approximately 3 WEEKS. Every effort is made to process and mail results as soon as possible. DO NOT CALL, OR EMAIL TSBP STAFF, OR HAVE SOMEONE ELSE CALL OR EMAIL TSBP STAFF FOR EXAMINATION RESULTS. Contacting TSBP prior to the 3 week processing time delays the processing of results all applicants.

Your cooperation will ensure that the Board staff can devote their time to the task of accurately processing the results for everyone.


Internship requirements for Texas licensure are as follows:


    Out of state graduates who hold a current pharmacist license in another U.S. state, such license has not been suspended, revoked, canceled, surrendered, or otherwise restricted for any reason, will have met the internship requirements in that state and will not be required to complete additional internship hours.


    Applicants must fulfill the Texas Board‑approved internship requirement of 1500 hours.  The applicant may take the examinations before the hours are fulfilled.  Applicants may apply any of their internship hours gained in another U.S. state toward the Texas internship requirement, if the hours are certified to the TSBP in writing by the other Board.  Internship hours earned outside Texas will not be accepted from foreign (outside the U.S.) boards of pharmacy, from any college of pharmacy, or from any preceptor or employer.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to get the hours certified and transferred to the TSBP.

    Applicants are responsible for having intern hours verified to TSBP.

    The following conditions apply to non‑licensed, out of state graduates who have not obtained the required number of Texas Board‑approved internship hours:

    The applicant must be designated as an Extended Pharmacist Intern by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy before beginning work as an intern in Texas. Any hours worked before the applicant is designated as an Extended Pharmacist Intern will not be credited toward the internship requirement. If the applicant wishes to apply for Extended Pharmacist Internship, he/she must request from the Board office, complete, and return to the Board office an "Agreement for Designation as an Extended Pharmacist Intern." Note: Proof of graduation or completion of coursework, or full FPGEC certification, and a completed exam application must be on file with the Board office at the time the internship application is submitted.

    An Extended Pharmacist Intern may perform the same functions as a Texas licensed pharmacist (with certain exceptions), provided the individual is in the presence of and under the direct supervision of Board‑approved preceptor. A preceptor application will be sent with each application for Extended Pharmacist Intern. If the supervising pharmacist is not currently certified as a preceptor, the applicant must have the pharmacist complete the form, and return it to the Board office. Upon receipt of the completed form, and Board approval of the preceptor, the Board will send notification of approval to the preceptor in the form of a certificate.

    An Extended Pharmacist Intern must obtain internship hours in a pharmacy licensed by and in good standing with TSBP. A federally‑operated facility must have signed a written agreement on file with TSBP, to serve as an extended internship site.

    The Board will mail a letter designating the applicant an Extended Pharmacist Intern only AFTER all of the fore-mentioned requirements have been met.


    The designation as an Extended Pharmacist Intern remains in effect until the earlier of the following occurs:

    Failure of the Extended Pharmacist Intern to take the NAPLEX and the MPJE within six calendar months after graduation or FPGEC certification; or

    Failure to pass the NAPLEX and MPJE; or

    Failure to complete the requirements for licensure within two years after passing the required examination(s).

    The Board will provide an "Internship Hours Completion Notice" on which internship hours worked in this program are to be reported. After completion of the required internship hours, the applicant must return the completed form to the Board office before the licensure process can be completed. Once the notice of completion for all required internship hours are received, a license will be issued within two weeks.


The NAPLEX Score Transfer Program is administered by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and is available to you when you register to take the NAPLEX in a participating and some non-participating jurisdictions. Further information on the NAPLEX Score Transfer Program can be found in the NAPLEX/MPJE Registration Bulletin, or by calling NABP at (847) 391‑4406.


The Texas State Board of Pharmacy will abide by all applicable federal, state, and local statutes relating to the accommodation of disabled individuals.  If you have a disability and may require special accommodation in taking this examination, you may request that the TSBP make special testing arrangements for you. To ensure that the security and integrity of this examination is not compromised, the TSBP will evaluate special accommodation requests on a case by case basis. You are advised to contact TSBP receive an Application for Disability Accommodation. This Application must be received by the Board at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled examination date. If accommodation is not requested by this date, we cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation on-site.