Office of the Executive Director

  • Executive Director/Secretary Tim Tucker, Pharm.D.


  • Director Ann Driscoll, Ph.T.R.
  • Executive Assistant Lily Moreno
  • Receptionist Linda Lopez

Human Resources

  • HR Program Supervisor Sarah Moody, SHRM-CP
  • HR Specialist Laura Gomez

Information Technology (IT)

  • Director Orane Douglas
  • Systems Administrator Devin Wilson
  • System Support Specialist Todd Hayek

Financial Services

  • Financial Services Director Ann Du
  • Purchasing Agent David Hardy
  • Accountant Chantell Solomon
  • Accountant Taylor King
  • Accountant Veronica Guzman


  • Director Misty Anderson
  • Licensing Specialist Audric Fowler, Ph.T.R.
  • Licensing Specialist Crystal Belvin-Scott, Ph.T.R.
  • Licensing Specialist Helen Wilkerson
  • Licensing Specialist Lisa Ake
  • Licensing Specialist Lisa Wells, Ph.T.R.
  • Licensing Specialist Lizbeth Trejo, Ph.T.R.
  • Licensing Specialist Marcus Holliday, Ph.T.R.
  • Licensing Specialist Melinda Uballe
  • Licensing Specialist Rachel Glass
  • Registration Specialist Tammy Baker, Ph.T.R.


  • General Counsel Megan Holloway, J.D.
  • Litigation Counsel John Griffith, J.D.
  • Assistant General Counsel Eamon Briggs, J.D.
  • Assistant General Counsel Mary Martha Murphy, J.D.
  • Staff Attorney Mary Moretti, J.D.
  • Pharmacist Outreach Officer Synthia Hill, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
  • Law Clerk Kelly Souza
  • Hearings Coordinator Amy Burt, Ph.T.R.
  • Legal Assistant Avalon Funk
  • Legal Assistant Christine Pavalasky
  • Legal Assistant Ray Cardenas
  • Legal Assistant Shakira McEachern
  • Legal Assistant Tianekia Harris, Ph.T.R.
  • Records Analyst Misty Maldonado-DeLeon
  • Senior Administrative Assistant John Arispe
  • Senior Administrative Assistant Renee Slaughter
  • Senior Administrative Assistant Sandra Chatham
  • Epidemiologist Prem Gautam, PhD, MPH
  • Data Analyst Michael Segovia, Ph.T.R.
  • Outreach Coordinator Shayda Bakhshi


  • Director of Enforcement Caroline Hotchkiss, J.D.
  • Investigations Director Rolando Belmares
  • Enforcement Program Manager Robert Rivera, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Program Specialist Debra Beall
  • Chief Pharmacist Officer of Special Projects Ben Santana, R.Ph.
  • Compliance Analyst David Meryman, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Program Administrator Nelma Sanchez, Ph.T.R.
  • Investigative Case Manager Cynthia Fazin
  • Enforcement Specialist Angela Castillo, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Specialist Brandy Plummer
  • Enforcement Specialist Briana Velasquez, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Specialist Carissa Garcia, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Specialist Heather Torres, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Specialist Madeline Fojtik, Ph.T.R
  • Enforcement Specialist Senia Perez, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Specialist Wesley Moody, Ph.T.R.
  • Investigator Misty Chapa, Ph.T.R.
  • Enforcement Technician Irene Zapata
  • Enforcement Technician John Ruybal
  • Captain Investigator Larry Brothers
  • Lieutenant Investigator John Plasek
  • Sergeant Investigator Shawn Cambron
  • Sergeant Investigator Brett Cyr
  • Sergeant Investigator Carol Steward
  • Sergeant Investigator Daniel Castillo
  • Sergeant Investigator Hilario Torres


  • Director Iona Grant, R.Ph.
  • Pharmacist Compliance Officer Terri Burrows, R.Ph., Pharm.D.
  • Pharmacist Compliance Officer Jim Clark, R.Ph.
  • Pharmacist Compliance Officer & Compliance CE Coordinator Kathy Salinas, R.Ph.
  • Pharmacist Compliance Officer Todd Unruh, R.Ph.
  • Compliance Team Supervisor Adrienne Bauer, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Felicia Carrasco, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Isaac Gonzalez, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Javier Ledesma, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Jennifer Trook, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Kendra O'Neel, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Keya Henry, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Kimberly Miles, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Madison Davis, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Inspector Robert Moura, Ph.T.R.
  • Senior Compliance Specialist Jessica Reyes, Ph.T.R.
  • Compliance Specialist LaKeva Crim

Prescription Monitoring Program

  • PMP Manager Linda Yazdanshenas
  • PMP Research Specialist Sofia Bishop
  • PMP Research Analyst Lori Gonzales, Ph.T.R.
  • PMP Research Analyst Morgan Glueck, Ph.T.R.
  • PMP Specialist Barbara Racca, Ph.T.R.
  • PMP Specialist Betsa Vallejo-Lopez, Ph.T.R.
  • PMP Specialist Erik Vasquez, Ph.T.R.