Texas Prescription Monitoring Program

The Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) collects and monitors prescription data for all Schedule II, III, IV, and V Controlled Substances (CS) dispensed by a pharmacy in Texas or to a Texas resident from a pharmacy located in another state.  The PMP also provides a database for monitoring patient prescription history for practitioners and the ordering of Texas Schedule II Official Prescription Forms.  Click here for more information about the PMP.

All Texas-licensed pharmacies are required to report all dispensed controlled substances records to the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) no later than the next business day after the prescription is filled.  The reporting requirement applies to all Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances.

Beginning September 1, 2019, pharmacists and prescribers (other than a veterinarian) will be required to check the patient’s PMP history before dispensing or prescribing opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol. 

Pharmacists and prescribers are encouraged to check the PMP to help eliminate duplicate and overprescribing of controlled substances, as well as to obtain critical controlled substance history information. 



If you have questions regarding the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program please contact us by:
E-Mail texaspmp@pharmacy.texas.gov
Phone (512) 305-8050
Fax (512) 305-8085

For law enforcement assistance, please contact the Texas Department of Public Safety.  E-Mail rsdcriminal@dps.texas.gov or your local police department.