Open Record Email Submittal Form

Please use this form to request copies of records. Do Not use this form to check the status of a pending registration or license application.

Disclaimer: Records are available under the Texas Public Information Act unless an exception to disclosure applies. Some of the exceptions include:

  • any documents that could disclose the identity of a person who reports to or assists the Board under §555.010 of the Texas Pharmacy Act;
  • any records contained in the agency's investigative files;
  • any records relating to an impairment defined by Chapter 564 of the Texas Pharmacy;
  • the home address and/or telephone number of a person licensed or registered with the Board including a pharmacy owner; or
  • any records not subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.


Questions About Requesting?

Most questions regarding Open Records requests are answered in three brief informational videos:

  • For answers to commonly asked Open Records questions, including types of records available for request, fees, how long it takes for requests to be processed, and shipping options, please view our Open Records FAQ video HERE.
  • For a brief video tutorial on requesting verifications (also called letters of good standing) and disciplinary records, please click HERE.
  • For a brief video tutorial on requesting records not listed in the drop-down menu (including inspection reports and applications), please click HERE.


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