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The Texas State Board of Pharmacy posts information regarding TSBP rules, regulations, upcoming programs, and pharmacy-related news across its social media channels. TSBP also maintains the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Facebook and Twitter pages, which you can also find below. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts have almost identical information, so you can follow the account that works best for you.

Please be aware that the Board's social media accounts are used for disseminating information and are not intended as platforms for direct communication. The Board cannot respond to questions, comments, or messages posted to social media pages or accounts. For questions or concerns, please contact the Board directly.

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Join us on Facebook for regular news and updates! We have a main TSBP page and a PMP page:
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Join us on Twitter at our TSBP and PMP accounts:
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Join us on Instagram! Currently, our Instagram account is for TSBP news, but we will also include pertinent PMP information.
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Our YouTube channel houses informational videos, application and licensee update tutorials, and more. You can visit our website here for an organized list of content, or visit our channel via the link below.
>>TSBP YouTube Channel