Practice Resources for
Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians


Frequently Asked Questions - General

Frequently Asked Questions - Telemedicine

Frequently Asked Questions for New Texas Pharmacists

Nontherapeutic Dispensing & Nontherapeutic Use ("Pill Mill" Activity)

How to Recognize Nontherapeutic Dispensing

Abuse & Misuse of Prescription Drugs - Health Professionals resources on the appropriate use of pain medication as well as the misuse and diversion of addictive medication.

Texas Pharmacy Rules

Texas Pharmacy Rules - PDF

Texas Pharmacy Rules - HTML

Patient Safety & Prescriptions

Patient Safety Reminder

Quick Reference: Prescriptions Which May be Dispensed in Texas

Drugs That May Be Prescribed by a Optometrists

Prevention of Audit Shortages/Theft & Loss Reduction and Resources

Policy & Procedures Recommendations - This is a sample policies and procedures manual with recommendations to help prevent thefts and losses in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Security Self-Evaluation Checklist - Is your pharmacy secure? This self-evaluation checklist can help you determine if you may need to add additional security measures to your pharmacy in order to prevent lefts and losses.

Controlled Substances

Information Regarding Controlled Substances - A list of links to pertinent laws and regulations, general information related to controlled substances, guidelines, and more

Drug Therapy Manangement

Pharmacists Performing Drug Therapy Management Under Written Protocol of a Physician

Notification of Drug Therapy Management By a Pharmacist Under Written Protocol of a Physician


Reporting a Theft or Significant Loss of Controlled Substances or Dangerous Drugs

Reporting a Loss of Prescription Data from a Data Processing System

Distribution of Dangerous Drugs and Controlled Substances to Ambulances or EMS Units

Distribution of Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs to Registrants

How to Destroy Drugs


State and Federal Agencies

Drug Information Centers

Poison Control Centers

Texas Poison Center Network

Additional Resources

Continuing Education through TSBP - TSBP offers monthly webinars and online courses which may be counted toward Texas license and registration renewal.

Informational Video Archive - Includes application tutorials, TSBP process overviews, and training videos covering subjects such as pill mills and prevention of thefts and losses in the pharmacy.

Compiled Policy Statements and Guidelines - Includes consumer alerts, guidelines for establishing pharmacists peer review committees, and other regulatory agency statements related to the practice of pharmacy

HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

Professional Liability Claim Report Form - Per Board rule 281.18, every insurer or other entity providing pharmacist's professional liability insurance, pharmacy technician professional and supplemental liability insurance, or druggist's professional liability insurance covering a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or pharmacy license holder in this state is required to complete this form regarding professional liability claims.

Professional Recovery Network

PRN - Help is available through the Professional Recovery Network

Contact Resources

Texas State Board of Pharmacy Rules Queue - The TSBP Rules Queue is a telephone hotline available to you to discuss issues related to Texas Pharmacy Laws and Rules. - Written Response through email.  Include your name, license number if applicable, current mailing address and phone number with your e-mail.  It may take up to 10 business days to receive a reply to email. Your patience is appreciated.

Contact - Additional contact information for the Texas State Board of Pharmacy