Print a License or Registration Certificate

Did you know that the Texas State Board of Pharmacy no longer sends out printed renewal certificates and now provides e-Certificate documents for pharmacists, pharmacist-interns, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy technician trainees, and pharmacist preceptors for you to print? Select from the links below for access to print your renewal certificate (or initial certificate for pharmacy technician and technician trainee registration). Certificates are available within two business days after issuance or renewal, and for pharmacist preceptors within five business days of renewal. For detailed information regarding certificate availability and printing instructions, please click here.

The e-Certificate document is intended as proof of license verification at the time of licensure or renewal and should not be substituted for due diligence to ensure the identity of an individual working in a pharmacy or the individual’s ongoing compliance with licensure or registration. Per Section 558.201 of the Texas Pharmacy Act, unauthorized or fraudulent duplication of a license is expressly prohibited by someone other than the license or registration holder, or a person acting under the permission of the license or registration holder.

Print Pharmacist Certificate
Print Preceptor Certificate
Print Registered Technician Certificate
Print Registered Technician Trainee Certificate
Print Pharmacist Intern Certificate

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