How do I file a complaint against a Texas licensee?

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy has regulatory authority solely over pharmacies, pharmacists, pharmacist interns and pharmacy technicians licensed in Texas. If you believe that a TSBP licensee has violated a Texas pharmacy law or rule in your circumstance, the following information will help you determine how you should file a complaint.

Anyone may file a complaint against a TSBP licensee; however, complaints must be received in writing. In order for the Board staff to contact you, you must provide your full name and complete contact information when submitting a complaint. Provide a brief description of the incident; include facts, dates, and names of persons involved. If your complaint involves a prescription, provide information from the prescription label. Please note that The Texas State Board of Pharmacy does not have jurisdiction over complaints involving rudeness, customer service, pricing/billing disputes nor accepts anonymous complaints.

You may submit a complaint to our agency via one of these methods:
  • Submit an online complaint using the electronic form HERE.
  • Request a paper form to be mailed to you by calling (800) 821-3205 (option 1) or (512) 305-8070 (local).
  • Download and print a PDF form HERE. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required which can downloaded with Adobe Acrobat for free.

Questions about the complaint process?

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