Rule Changes

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy submits all proposed and adopted rule changes to the Texas Register, a weekly publication that serves as the notice bulletin of state agency rulemaking. The Texas Register contains emergency, proposed, and adopted rules; notices of withdrawn and repealed rules; notices of rule review and other information submitted by state agencies for publication. The Texas Register is maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State and can be viewed here:

Recent proposed rule changes
Recent adopted rule changes
Rule review plan


Those who would like to submit written comments on proposed rules published in the Texas Register for review by the Board should send them by mail to:    
Megan G. Holloway, Assistant General Counsel
Texas State Board of Pharmacy
333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 3-500
Austin, TX 78701

Typically, the deadline for submitting written comments before a Board meeting is five business days.  In addition to written public comments received after rule publication in the Texas Register, there is always opportunity for public comment at Board meetings when proposed rules are presented to the Board for possible adoption.