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Welcome to TSBP Talks, the new podcast that brings you important Board news and updates. TSBP Talks is available to listen to on our YouTube channel or via the embedded YouTube videos in the episode show notes below.

Listen to Episode #1 here on YouTube or via the embedded video below:

Show Notes

Welcome to our very first episode of TSBP Talks. We start this first episode with a review of November 2020 rule adoptions, in particular those that expanded technician duties and ratios and those that updated e-prescribing waiver regulations. E-prescribing became mandatory January 1, 2021, but there are certain exemption criteria, so we take a look at those in particular during this discussion.

We also discuss the February 2021 rule adoptions regarding drug therapy management and conditions under which pharmacists must consult the Texas PMP before dispensing certain drugs. We also talk a bit about the Board's discussion of the FDA MOU at February's meeting. The Board voted to add the MOU to the Compounding Advisory Group agenda at their upcoming meeting. You can find upcoming meeting information as it becomes available on our committees page.

We wrap this episode up with some reminders and news items:

  • Scams continue to target TSBP licensees by impersonating state agencies. See an example scam letter and learn how to protect your information and report telephone scammers on our website.
  • The rest of the pharmacist CE requirements adopted in November 2019 and May 2020 will go into effect later this year. Pharmacists can find detailed information about each of the requirements from our main pharmacist CE FAQ page.
  • The next TSBP Board meeting will be held Tuesday, May 11, 2020 beginning at 9am. You can find agenda information once it's posted on our website here.

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