Texas Pharmacy Act

The Texas Pharmacy Act is located in Chapters 551-569 of the Texas Occupations Code.
Click here for a PDF version of the Texas Pharmacy Act.

Chapter 551. General Provisions: HTML PDF
Chapter 552. Texas State Board of Pharmacy: HTML PDF
Chapter 553. Executive Director and Other Board Personnel: HTML PDF
Chapter 554. Board Powers and Duties: Rulemaking Authority: HTML PDF
Chapter 555. Public Interest Information and Complaint Process: HTML PDF
Chapter 556. Administrative Inspections and Warrants: HTML PDF
Chapter 557. Pharmacist-Interns: HTML PDF
Chapter 558. License to Practice Pharmacy: HTML PDF
Chapter 559. Renewal of License to Practice Pharmacy: HTML PDF
Chapter 560. Licensing of Pharmacies: HTML PDF
Chapter 561. Renewal of Pharmacy License: HTML PDF
Chapter 562. Practice by License Holder: HTML PDF
Chapter 563. Prescriptions Requirements; Delegation of Administration and Provision of
Dangerous Drugs: HTML PDF
Chapter 564. Program to Aid Impaired Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students; Pharmacy
Peer Review: HTML PDF
Chapter 565. Disciplinary Actions and Procedures; Reinstatement of License: HTML PDF
Chapter 566. Penalties and Enforcement Provisions: HTML PDF
Chapter 568. Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Technician Trainees: HTML PDF
Chapter 569. Reporting Requirements for Professional Liability Insurers: HTML PDF


Order the Texas Pharmacy Laws and Regulations through: LexisNexis or call: 1-800-533-1637.

Pharmacies operating in Texas are required to maintain a copy of the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy in hard copy or electronic format. Please note that the electronic version must be accessible to pharmacy personnel at all times.