Inactive Pharmacist License Information

How do I renew my inactive license?

If you renew as Inactive, you pay the same fee* as an Active license. However, you cannot practice pharmacy in Texas while the status is Inactive. The CE requirement is waived at license renewal for an Inactive license. During the online renewal process, you can request the Inactive status by using the pull-down response list when answering the question regarding completion of CE hours. 

You would be required to maintain an Inactive license by continuing to renew it every two years. 

*The renewal fee is waived is when a pharmacist meets the requirements to renew as Inactive Exempt. A pharmacist is eligible to renew as Inactive Exempt when he or she is at least 72 years of age at the time of license renewal or has been licensed by TSBP for 50 years or more.  The renewal fee is waived when a Texas pharmacist who renews as Inactive provides documentation indicating the pharmacist is a military service member, military veteran, or military spouse.

How do I reactivate my license?

To reactivate the license in the future, you would be required to provide documentation of CE hours based on Rule 295.9. Contact TSBP directly for additional details if you are currently Inactive and wish to return to Active status.