TSBP Rules Queue Telephone Line Staff

Caroline Hotchkiss, JD – Director of Enforcement
Caroline joined TSBP in 2007, and currently serves as the Director of Enforcement. In the role of Director of Enforcement, she oversees investigations of all complaints and monitoring of orders for the agency. She also supervises the Rules Queue, which is a program of the Enforcement Team.

Angela Castillo – Senior Monitoring Specialist
Angela joined TSBP in 2015, and serves as a Senior Monitoring Specialist monitoring compliance for disciplinary orders against pharmacists and interns. Angela is a pharmacy technician and worked in the community pharmacy setting prior to joining the team.

Brandy Plummer – Senior Background Case Specialist
Brandy has worked for TSBP since 2008, joining the agency after serving as a staff member of the Texas Medical Board.  Brandy is responsible for reviewing and analyzing applications filed for pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees.  Throughout Brandy’s many years of experience, her duties include giving accurate and appropriate information to callers.

Nelma Sanchez – Program Administrator
Nelma has worked for TSBP for over 15 years.  Her job duties include conducting in-depth reviews and evaluations of various types of applications for licensure or registration from individuals who have prior criminal or disciplinary history, and assisting the division to accomplish various activities.   As a pharmacy technician, Nelma brings experience to the team from working in community pharmacy settings.

Briana Velasquez – Consumer Case Specialist
Briana began working at TSBP in 2017 and brings an additional 6 years of institutional pharmacy technician experience to the team. Her job duties include investigating consumer complaints, training staff members, as well as several other responsibilities. Briana serves as a Rules Queue member and answers numerous questions about regulations regarding the practice of pharmacy.

Yolanda Lee – Monitoring Specialist
Yolanda started with TSBP in late 2022. She has worked as a registered pharmacy technician since 2006 in open and closed door pharmacy settings. Yolanda’s job duties include being a member of the Rules Queue Team and monitoring compliance for public disciplinary orders against pharmacy technicians.

Robert Serna – Case Technician
Robert started his career with TSBP in 2022 as a Case Technician following 16 years of service in a retail pharmacy setting as a Pharmacy Technician. Since Robert has been with the agency, his customer service skills are very beneficial to answering questions for Rules Queue callers. Robert’s main objectives are to investigate applicants with a criminal history and respond to consumer complaints.

Eddika Barron – Case Technician
Eddika began working at TSBP October 2022 as a Case Technician. She worked as a lead Pharmacy Technician for over 15 years and brings a total of 19 years retail pharmacy experience to the team.  Her job duties include investigating consumer and criminal complaints, as well as serving as a Rules Queue member.

Wesley Moody – Background Case Specialist
Wesley joined TSBP staff in mid-2019 and brings 14 years of pharmacy technician experience from various positions with several national retail and specialty pharmacies, where he served as a Lead Pharmacy technician. Wesley is responsible is responsible for conducting investigations on registered technicians and trainees with regard to criminal offenses that might occur following registration issuance.

Knijiah Samuel – Monitoring Specialist
Knijiah has worked for TSBP since December 2022 and has been a Pharmacy Technician since 2019. She brings 6 years of retail management experience and 2 years of retail pharmacy experience. In addition to serving as a Rules Queue member, Knijiah’s job duties include entering and monitoring compliance of public disciplinary orders and remedial plans against pharmacists and pharmacies.

Shreejana (Sriza) Shrestha – Complaint Specialist
Sriza joined TSBP in 2023 as a Complaint Specialist. Her job duties include in-take, investigation, and analysis of in-house generated complaints. Sriza has experience working in the community pharmacy setting as a pharmacy technician and provides callers with guidance regarding the Texas Pharmacy Act and Pharmacy Board Rules.