Timeline of Application Process

A pharmacy should allow at minimum 90 days for a COMPLETE pharmacy license application to be reviewed and processed.

1. Accounting processes the fee for application (3-5 business days)

2. Application reviewed by Licensing (4 – 6 weeks)
  • Licensing reviews to ensure that the application is complete, all items are submitted, and information is consistent.
  • If any application items are missing, the application will remain pending in Licensing until its complete.
  • If the application is not completed within ONE YEAR, it will expire.

3. Application is forwarded to Enforcement (3-4 weeks)
  • Enforcement reviews all Officers/Owner’s past criminal history and professional disciplinary action.
  • If any concerns are found, this review can take several months and may require additional information to be sent by the Applicant.

4. Application is forwarded to the Compliance (4-6 weeks)
  • Compliance reviews the application to ensure that the pharmacy can meet the requirements of the Texas Pharmacy Act and Board Rules.
  • Most Pharmacies located in Texas will require a Pre-Inspection, in accordance with Board Rule §291.1.
    • Compliance will confirm with the Pharmacist-in-Charge that the facility is ready for a Pre-Inspection.
    • Once confirmed, the application is forwarded to the Field Inspector who will schedule and complete the inspection within 30 business days. This date is determined on the availability of the field inspector.
  • If any deficiencies are found, the application will remain pending with compliance until resolved.
  • If the deficiencies are not resolved or the facility is not ready for a Pre-inspection within ONE YEAR, it will expire.

5. Once application is approved, the license number will be issued. (10 business days)

Ultimately, if there are any deficiencies at any point during the review process OR if there is any criminal history/professional disciplinary action found on any of the Owners/Officers for the pharmacy, then the timeframe for reviewing and processing the application may exceed 90 days.

NOTE: Once Enforcement and/or Compliance begins review of the application, the application will be CANCELLED if there is a:

  • Change of Ownership,
  • Change of Managing Officer (i.e. addition and/or removal of an officer), or a
  • Change of Location for the pharmacy

If this occurs, then the applicant must reapply for the license by submitting a new application packet and fee to the Board. All Application Fees are non-refundable.