Which pharmacy technician application is right for you?

It's important to apply for the correct pharmacy technician application. Click through the following series of statements and questions to determine which application you are eligible for.

I am or have been registered as a technician with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. (In other words, I hold or have held a pharmacy technician or technician trainee registration in Texas.)

Not sure? You can run a verification search using your first and last name on our website here. If you appear in the system, you have been or are currently registered with TSBP. If you have had a name change in the past, you may consider searching for your old and new names if it's possible you registered under a different name.

Yes - I am or have been registered with TSBP

No - I have NEVER been registered with TSBP

I don't know - Take me to the verification page so I can check