Pharmacy Renewal - Development

A pharmacy is not eligible to renew if Board records indicate that the current license does not expire within 60 days from today.
Instructions for Pharmacy License Renewal – read and print the document for instructions.

PRINT the pharmacy renewal form, fill it out completely, and mail it in with check or money order (or proof of online payment) to Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Forms which have been altered or are submitted with missing pages will not be processed.
Type the license number of the pharmacy to create the renewal form.

The renewal is not complete unless the paper renewal form and fee are received by the Board office.
The paper form is required. It is an option to submit the fee online at: https://vo.licensing.hpc.texas.gov/
Remember, the online payment does not complete the renewal requirements. A completed paper form must be mailed to the Board.
Urgent: If a pharmacy fails to renew and allows a license to expire, the pharmacy must cease operating. If the license has expired for 90 days, a new license must be obtained before operating a pharmacy.