Additional Requirements for Non-Resident (Class E/E-S Pharmacies)

A Class E or Class E-S pharmacy must submit the following items with their renewal application. Failure to submit the items will cause the application to be incomplete and will result in delay of processing. If a pharmacy fails to complete the renewal process and allows the license to become DELINQUENT, the pharmacy must cease operating (i.e. cease shipping prescriptions into Texas) until the renewal application is processed and the license shows as ACTIVE on the Verification Page.

A pharmacy license will PERMANENTLY EXPIRE 90 days after the expiration date. Once a license is permanently expired, a new license must be obtained before operating the pharmacy.


Required Items for all Non-Resident (Class E/E-S Pharmacies):

  • Verification of the pharmacy facility license from the Resident Board of Pharmacy where the pharmacy is physically located
  • Recent Inspection Report (see below for requirements)


For more information regarding these approved vendors, see the Class E-S (Non-Resident Sterile Compounding) Pharmacy Inspectors. These vendors have been awarded the authorization to conduct inspections of Class E-S (Non-Resident Sterile Compounding) Pharmacies on behalf of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. This page on the TSBP website will serve as a method to confirm the inspector's association with the TSBP for the purposes of inspections.