Upgrading Technician Trainee Registration to a Registered Technician

A Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration is not renewable, extendable, or transferable. An individual may only apply for a Pharmacy Technician Trainee registration ONCE and the registration is good for up to two years.

After that point, if the individual wishes to continue as a Technician, he/she must take and pass a Board approved pharmacy technician certification exam and apply to upgrade the Technician Trainee Registration to a Registered Pharmacy Technician Registration.

Current Board approve pharmacy technician certification exams are:

Do NOT apply for an upgraded registration unless or until a certificate from PTCB or NHA has been received.

Failure to complete the upgrade process prior to the Technician Trainee registration expiration date will result in EXPIRED license. A Technician Trainee can NOT perform ANY technician trainee duties with an expired license.


Application Instructions

Technician Trainees may apply to upgrade their registration by using the Online Licensing System.
If needed, use the Step-by-Step Instructions for Upgrading your Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration.