DEA Information for Pharmacists | August 2022

The Deputy Assistant Administrator/Diversion Control Division of the DEA provided an update on DEA policy on pharmacist annotation of C-II prescriptions.  It can best be described as a retraction of its earlier policy reversal, with modification.  In what it is calling an “interim measure,” the DEA is now saying that it will permit pharmacist annotation of C-II prescriptions as permitted under state law, in consultation with the prescriber.  (This DEA consultation requirement is an addition to the prior DEA policy regarding C-IIs but appears to align it with similar policy related to drugs on other schedules). We will keep you informed of any further developments. 

In the past few months, DEA has received an increasing number of questions concerning pharmacists’ ability to add or modify information—like a patient’s address—on paper prescriptions. To address these questions, DEA has been reviewing the relevant regulations and working to draft new regulations to address this issue. As an interim measure, pharmacists are permitted to adhere to state regulations or policy regarding those changes that a pharmacist may make to a schedule II prescription after oral consultation with the prescriber.

Changes To Schedule II Prescriptions