Scam Alert

Scams involving individuals impersonating state agency entities continue to be a serious issue. Scams are also becoming more sophisticated, which makes it even more important to be aware of and know how to recognize and protect yourself and your personal data from these types of scams.

TSBP continues to receive reports of scams involving individuals impersonating state agency entities. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have been targeted. Others associated with the pharmacy (owners, vendors, etc.) may also be targets for these types of scams. The most recent scam reports to TSBP indicate instances of telephone scammers spoofing TSBP's phone number so that the calls appear to be originating from TSBP directly. Scammers may also pose as TSBP staff by using a staff member's name and/or title. Reports of both written and phone scams continue. Learn more about these scams and how to report them below.

TSBP has compiled a list of scams and, where applicable, included examples of these scams. Please be aware that this is not necessarily a complete list of scams and that pharmacy professionals should remain vigilant as scammers attempt to shift strategies.

Scam Examples

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Written Scams      Phone Scams

Common Targets

How to Report Scams

Remember that while it is possible that staff would follow up on an application you filed with TSBP, staff does NOT request your personal information in unsolicited phone calls or text messages. If you receive suspicious documentation from an entity appearing to be TSBP, contact us directly to confirm. Also remember that TSBP will NEVER request money or bank account information in a phone call or text. You may report information on scammers to the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

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