Pharmacy Technicians & Technician Trainees

Change of Address

Have you moved?  Licensees and Registrants, including technicians and technician trainees are required to notify TSBP within 10 days of a change of address, online or in writing. Complete your change of address instantly Address Change Online
1) Log-in with User ID (email) and Password.
2) Look for your license/registration number on the right hand side of the page.
3) If you do not see your license/registration, click link titled “add license to registration” on the left hand side of the page and follow the instructions. *If you get an error message that reads “Entity already exists under another user ID” this means your license is associated with another log in or email address. Please email and in the subject line enter “ENTITY ALREADY EXISTS”. In the body of the email include: Full Name, Profession, License Number, and email address that you want your license(s) to be under.
4) Click on the license/registration number to reveal the link titled ‘Change of Address’.
You must enter both a public address and a mailing address. Your mailing address should be a location where you actually receive mail. Enter all required fields. Your public address and mailing address may be identical; you would just need to enter in the same address in each of the required fields. Changes will show on the License and Verification page the following day.

If you are having trouble changing your information online after following the instructions, email or in writing by going to the Change of Address Form

Change of Name

Did you legally change your name? Technician Registration must accurately reflect their legal name. Technicians and technician trainees are required to notify TSBP within 10 days of a change name. If you were married, divorced, or legally changed your name, submit the following:

  • Completed Name Change Form or written request to change your name, which includes your new name, clearly printed or typed exactly as it is to appear on the Registration and Board records;
  • A copy of the legal court ordered document that changed your name, e.g., marriage license or divorce decree

If a name change has occurred within 75 business days prior to an expiration date, and a registration is eligible for renewal, a request may be processed via email to  You must include the current registration number and current name in the subject line of the email, attach as scanned copy of a legal name change document (i.e.: marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order).  Allow 3 to 4 business days for a response to email.
A new certificate will be available for printing within 48 hours after receipt of a request meeting all requirements as stated above.  If you need to verify that the name has been updated prior to printing your registration certification, please go  here.

Obtain a duplicate (replacement) Technician Registration Card

To receive a replacement for a lost or destroyed Technician Registration or Technician Trainee card, please go here.