*** UPDATE ***
EFFECTIVE September 1, 2018, the official prescription forms will include additional security features to prevent fraud.
EFFECTIVE June 1, 2019, ALL official prescription forms ordered prior to September 1, 2018, will no longer be valid.


*** NOTICE: ***
Refunds will NOT be provided

Ensure the following items have been completed prior to ordering Official (CII) Prescription Forms.
Current DEA registration: The address printed on the Official (CII) Prescription Forms will be the address associated with the DEA registration of the prescriber. If this information is not accurate, please contact the DEA at https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/
State License information: The prescriber’s state issued medical license must be up to date and the information must match the DEA registration.
Office Phone Number: The phone number submitted for the order will be the phone number printed on the prescription forms. Please make sure the office phone number is correct.
Texas Driver License: When you complete your order, please email a copy of the Texas Driver’s License to: TEXASPMP@PHARMACY.TEXAS.GOV
EMAIL: A current email address must be provided with the order. The email address will remain confidential and only be used if there are further questions regarding the order.

*** If the information provided for the order cannot be verified additional validations will be requested***.

Before submitting the order, please verify that all information included on Step 4 (Review Account Summary) at the Tex.gov site is accurate. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy is not responsible for incorrect information printed on Official (CII) Prescription Forms, and refunds will not be provided. After you have read the above information click here to continue.
For further questions, please go to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy website https://www.pharmacy.texas.gov/files_pdf/5CII_PrescriptionFormFAQ.pdf
You may contact the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program at (512) 305-8050 or email Texaspmp@pharmacy.texas.gov