Pharmacist-Intern Student Application

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to be a registered as a pharmacist-intern in the state of Texas, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in an ACPE approved college of pharmacy program

  • Application Process

      Step One: Complete the Online Pharmacist Intern Application.
      Complete the online application with the Online Licensing System. There is not a fee to submit this application.

      Step Two: Submit Supplemental Documents and Complete the Fingerprint Session
      After completing the online application, the student should submit the following items to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy:

      • Copy of the application summary from the Online Licensing System
      • Copy of the individual’s Social Security Card
      • Letter from your college/school of pharmacy requesting that TSBP designates you as an intern.
        (NOTE: Applicant must be enrolled in and attending the said college/school of pharmacy)

      These items should be mailed to the following address:

        ATTN Intern Licensing Specialist
        Texas State Board of Pharmacy
        1801 Congress Avenue
        Suite 13.100
        Austin, TX 78701

      Additionally, the applicant must also obtain and complete the fingerprint session by following the instructions provided in the confirmation email or found online at Scheduling a Fingerprint Session.

    When does an intern registration expire?

    A pharmacist-intern registration will expire

    • On the date printed on the registration certificate
    • The individual is no longer enrolled in an ACPE approved College of Pharmacy Program
    • The individual does not take the NAPLEX or MPJE within 6 months after graduation
    • The individual does not successfully pass the NAPLEX or MPJE within 6 months after graduation

    What can I do as an intern?

    A pharmacist-intern may perform the duties of a pharmacist under the direct supervision of a pharmacist preceptor as assigned by a Texas college/school of pharmacy at a site assigned by a Texas college/school of pharmacy.

    If the pharmacist-intern is not under the direct supervision of a pharmacist preceptor, then the intern may perform all duties of a pharmacy technician without needing a separate pharmacy technician registration.

    A pharmacist-intern may NOT:

    • Present or identify himself/herself as a pharmacist
    • Sign or initial any document which is required to be signed or initialed by a pharmacist, unless a preceptor cosigns the document; or
    • Independently supervise pharmacy technicians or pharmacy technician trainees.

    For more information, see the Texas Pharmacy Rule §283.5.

    I’ve applied…but I haven’t heard anything!

    Before contacting the Board, check the following:

      First – Is your registration number already issued? Check if you’ve been provided a registration number through the Texas pharmacist intern verification search. Search using your first and last name.

      If your name is on the listed in the search results, you can log back on to the Online Licensing System and you should see it under “Manage your License Information” when you login to your account.

      Second - Double check that you’ve completed everything on the application instructions. Have you been fingerprinted? TSBP cannot process any application until the Fingerprint Session has been completed and results sent to the Board.

      If you have not been fingerprinted, go to Schedule a Fingerprint Session and follow the instructions.

      Third – Do you have something that will show up on a criminal history background check?

      If so, then your application and/or the results from the criminal background check must be reviewed by an in-house Enforcement Officer. This review process can take up to several months.

      Fourth – If you have completed the fingerprint process and it has been more than FOUR WEEKS since your fingerprints were received by the Board, then contact TSBP staff at (512) 305-8000.

    I’m registered…now what?

    Pharmacist-interns are required to notify the Board if any of the following changes occur:

    • Change of Name
    • Change of Address

    To find out how to notify the Board of these changes, visit this page.