Remote Pharmacy Services

Automated Pharmacy System (APS)A mechanical system that dispenses prescription drugs and maintains related transaction information, that is not located at the same location as a Class A or Class C pharmacy, at which remote pharmacy services are provided using an automated pharmacy dispensing system.

 Emergency Medication Kits (E-Kit) - Controlled substances and dangerous drugs maintained by a provider pharmacy to meet the emergency medication needs of a resident:
(i)  at an institution licensed under Chapter 242 or 252, Health and Safety Code; or
(ii) at an institution licensed under Chapter 242, Health and Safety Code and that is a veterans home as defined by the §164.002, Natural Resources Code, if the provider pharmacy is a United States Department of Veterans Affairs pharmacy or another federally operated pharmacy.

Satellite PharmacyA facility not located at the same location as a Class A or Class C pharmacy at which satellite pharmacy services are provided. A satellite pharmacy may not store bulk drugs and may only store prescription medications that have been previously verified and dispensed by the provider pharmacy. A satellite pharmacy shall be under the continuous, physically present supervision of a pharmacist at all times the satellite pharmacy is open to provide pharmacy services.

Telepharmacy Remote ApplicationA system that monitors the dispensing of prescription drugs and provides for related drug use review and patient counseling services by an electronic method which shall include the use of the following types of technology:
(i) audio and video;
  (ii) still image capture; and
  (iii) store and forward.