Existing Pharmacy (Facility) License

This page contains links to applications, forms, and instructions pertaining to changes to an existing Texas Pharmacy (Facility) License 

Change of Ownership (PDF): According to the Texas Pharmacy Act, Section 560.101, a pharmacy license is not transferable or assignable. Therefore, if a pharmacy changes ownership, the new owner must obtain a new pharmacy license.

Change of Managing Officer: Managing officer is defined as one of the top four executive officers, including the corporate officer in charge of pharmacy operations, designated by the partnership/corporation to be jointly responsible for the legal operation of the pharmacy.

Change of Name and/or Location (PDF): Submit this form to notify the board of a change of name and/or change of location of a pharmacy (this includes adding a Suite Number or changing Suite Numbers).  Rules require a location change be submitted 30 days prior to such change and a name change, within 10 days of such change. If the pharmacy is needing to correct its address due to changes made by USPS, City, County, or 911, contact the licensing division at (512) 305-8022.

Change of Pharmacist-in-Charge (PDF): A pharmacy shall report in writing to the board not later than the 10th day after the date of change of the person designated as the pharmacist-in-charge of the pharmacy.

Closing a Pharmacy (PDF): A pharmacy shall report in writing to the board not later than the 10th day after the date of a permanent closing of the pharmacy.

Drug Disposal Information

Update Pharmacy Services
 (PDF):Use this form to add or delete “services” available at this pharmacy.

Lost or Destroyed Pharmacy Certificate (actual pharmacy license)
The Board will replace, under certain conditions, a pharmacy certificate. If a pharmacy certificate is lost or destroyed, a replacement may be obtained by submitting the following to the Board office:

A statement outlining the circumstances under which the card was lost or destroyed:

  • Include your full name, address and pharmacy’s license number; and

  • A check or money order for $20, payable to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

A replacement will be mailed in approximately 10 to 17 business days after receipt of a request meeting all requirements as stated above.

Mail to: Texas State Board of Pharmacy, 333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 3-500, Austin, Texas 78701

Add a Pharmacy Scale/Balance (PDF): A pharmacy must register all scales/balances used in the pharmacy.

Remote Pharmacy Services: In order to provide remote pharmacy services (Telepharmacy System, Automated Pharmacy Systems, Emergency Medication Kit, or Satellite Pharmacy.

Sanctions for Applicants with Criminal Convictions: The guidelines for disciplinary sanctions apply to criminal convictions and to deferred adjudication community supervisions or deferred dispositions for all applicants for all types of licenses and registrations issued by the board.

To access information in PDF format, you will need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader software.  You may download the reader software and use it at no charge.