Continuing Education — Pharmacy Technicians

How many hours of CE do I need to renew my registration?

Pharmacy technicians need at least 20 hours of approved CE in order to renew. (Board rule 297.8(b)(4))

Are there any specific CE subject requirements I need to meet?

Yes. All pharmacy technicians are required to have at least twenty hours of approved CE (Board rule 297.8(b)(4)), including:

    Texas Pharmacy Laws or Rules (297.8(b)(4)(A))
    (A) at least one contact hour of the 20 contact hours specified in paragraph (2) of this subsection shall be related to Texas pharmacy laws or rules.

The above hour may be counted toward the twenty-hour total. In addition to this required hour, you are also required to complete the following training course:

    NEW - Human Trafficking Prevention (297.8(b)(4)(C))
    (C) for renewals received after August 31, 2020 and before September 1, 2022, a pharmacy technician must have completed the human trafficking prevention course required in §116.002 of the Texas Occupations Code.

The human trafficking prevention course is currently being developed by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). You can keep track of the status of the human trafficking prevention course here at the HHSC website under “Health Care Practitioner Training”.

For a summary breakdown of these general requirements, see the following PDF:

What CE is considered approved by the Board?

The Board considers several accreditation types as approved. The most common approved accreditation type is ACPE. A complete list of approved programs can be found in Board rule 297.8(b)(9).

I'm renewing for the first time. Do I need CE?

It depends. Pharmacy technicians are exempt from most CE requirements during the initial renewal period per Board rule 297.8(b)(1), but you will need to meet the human trafficking prevention training course requirement if your initial renewal period expiry date is after August 31, 2020. You may also need CE if you wish to maintain an existing sterile compounding certification.

I'm nationally certified through PTCB and/or NHA. Do I need CE?

Yes. Pharmacy technicians are required to obtain CE as outlined by Board Rule 297.8, and are subject to random audit by TSBP. National certification through PTCB or NHA (ExCPT) no longer exempts pharmacy technicians from TSBP CE requirements or random audit by the Board. Pharmacy technicians may count CE obtained for national certification toward their TSBP CE requirement as long as the CE meets TSBP requirements and falls within the current TSBP renewal period.

Do I need to sent my CE certificates directly to the Board when I renew?

No. Pharmacy technicians are required to maintain certificates of completion of approved continuing education for three years from the date of reporting the hours on a license renewal application (Board rule 297.8(b)(5)). Do not send CE certificates to the Board office unless requested.

What do I need to know about CE audits?

The Board has the authority to conduct an audit of pharmacy technician CE records for verification of reported CE credits (Board rule 297.8(b)(6)). Upon written request, a pharmacy technician will be required to provide to the board copies of completion certificates for all CE hours reported during a specified time period. Failure to provide all requested records during a specified time period constitutes prima facie evidence of failure to keep and maintain records and may result in disciplinary action. A license would also be subject to disciplinary action if false or fraudulent records were submitted in response to an audit.

I would like to renew my deliquent registration. Do I need CE?

Yes. You will need to meet all CE requirements before renewing your delinquent registration.

I have CE requirements I need to complete as a result of disciplinary action. Can I count these hours toward my registration renewal?

No. Any CE requirements imposed upon a pharmacy technician as part of a disciplinary order shall be in addition to the hours required to renew the license (Board rule 297.8(b)(4)(B)).

What CE is required to maintain my sterile compounding certification?

You can find a summary of the sterile compounding CE requirements by clicking here. Complete sterile compounding CE requirements, including initial certification, can be found in Board rule 291.133. All approved sterile compounding hours obtained may be counted toward the twenty-hour general CE requirement for license renewal.

Does the Texas State Board of Pharmacy offer continuing education courses?

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy offers online courses and webinars that may be counted toward Texas license or registration renewal. TSBP courses are not required, but are an additional resource for you to obtain CE. You can find all TSBP CE programs on our catalog page here.

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