Human Trafficking Prevention Course FAQ

What exactly is this requirement?

The human trafficking prevention training course requirement is mandated by the Texas Legislature and affects several health care professionals. House Bill 2059, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, 2019, requires that certain health care professionals, including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, must complete a human trafficking prevention training course. Read more about this requirement in the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 116.

Which courses count?

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is the approving body for this requirement. Please see HHSC’s website for details.

HHSC has a dedicated page for health care practitioners who must complete this training requirement that reflects currently approved courses and instructions for providers who want to submit courses for approval.

Visit Texas HHSC's Human Trafficking Prevention Resource Page

Should you have questions about the provisions of H.B. 2059 and/or the human trafficking prevention training course(s) considered approved to meet the requirement, HHSC has provided a contact email on this page as well.

    PROVIDERS: Providers that wish to submit their human trafficking prevention course(s) for approval to meet this requirement can find additional information and application materials on Texas HHSC’s website here.

Can I count this toward my license/registration renewal hours?

It depends on the course accreditation.

If the HHSC-approved course undertaken is also accredited as an approved program type (for example, ACPE, AMA PRA Category 1 CME, etc.), then yes, you may also count it toward your renewal hours. (For a full list of approved program types, please refer back to the continuing education FAQ pages for your license or registration type.)

If the HHSC-approved course undertaken is not an approved program type, then it may be counted toward the requirement only, but not included as a renewal hour.

If you have questions or concerns about accreditation for an HHSC-approved program, please contact HHSC and/or the provider directly, as TSBP cannot speak to accreditation of these programs. See above for links to HHSC’s website and contact email regarding this requirement.