Update: New Fingerprint Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Registration Renewals

Beginning January 2019, all pharmacy technicians registered before June 1, 2015 must be fingerprinted (or re-fingerprinted) before their renewal will be processed. If you need to verify the date of your initial registration, click HERE. Search by using your registration number or name. More information regarding the fingerprinting requirements can be found HERE

Renew — Pharmacy Technicians

How often do I need to renew my registration?

Pharmacy technicians are required to renew their registration every two years on or before the last day of the month that their original registration was issued.

I don't remember my expiration date. How do I find out when my registration expires?

If you don't remember your registration expiry date, you can run a verification search. Search using either your registration number or your first and last name.

Do I need continuing education (CE) to renew my license?

Yes. Technicians are required to complete and report 20 hours of approved Continuing Education requirements. For more information, see the pharmacy technician continuing education FAQs.

How to Renew

  • All pharmacy technicians should renew online using the Online Licensing System. Renewal applications are only available if your registration is due to expire within 60 days. If your registration is not due to expire, you will not be able to see the renewal application.

  • Allow up to 10 business for the renewal application to be processed after submitting all required items (i.e. Application, Fee, Fingerprints, etc.). DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO RENEW.

  • Failure to successfully complete the renewal application will result in a delay of processing and may cause the registration to become delinquent. If your registration becomes delinquent, you cannot perform any technician duties unless and until the registration becomes active.

  • If needed, use the Step-by-Step Instructions for Renewing your Pharmacy Technician Registration.