Renewing a Pharmacy (Facility) License

Renewal applications generate approximately 60 days prior to the license’s expiration date. A pharmacy may ONLY renew their license if the Board’s records indicate the license will expire within 60 days from today.


All Pharmacies must submit the following in order to complete the Renewal Process:
  • Completed PAPER renewal application form signed by the owner or managing officer on record with TSBP
  • Payment of the Pharmacy Renewal Application Fee
  • Sworn Disclosure Statement: Must be submitted with each Renewal Application unless the pharmacy is:
    • A Class B, Class C, or Class C-S Pharmacy,
    • Operated by a Publicly Traded Company. Alternatively, provide a copy of page 1 of the company’s 10-K SEC filing, or
    • Wholly owned by a Retail Grocery Store Chain. Alternatively, provide a written statement attesting to such.
  • Additional Requirements for Non-Resident (Class E/E-S) Pharmacies


The Pharmacy Renewal Fee is found in BOX 1 on the Application Form. This fee can be paid by either:
  • Submitting a Check or Money Order for the amount made payable to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
  • Submitting a Credit Card Payment using the Online Licensing System. If you need instructions on how to complete an Online Payment, email


A pharmacy can NOT complete the renewal process online. Submitting an online payment does not complete the renewal application. All applications must be completed and then mailed or delivered to the Board adddress as shown on top of the renewal forms.

All renewal applications must be submitted with payment or proof of online payment for the renewal fee. NOTE: Checks/money orders not enclosed with the application or a cover letter may be returned to the sender.

NOTE: Allow 10 business days for the Board to process a COMPLETED renewal application. Once processed, allow 10-14 business days for the new license certificate to arrive at the pharmacy via USPS. Waiting until the last minute to renew could cause the license to become DELINQUENT and additional fees to apply. The Renewal Fee must be received by the Board Office prior to the license expiration date. Any renewal application received after the license expires must submit the additional delinquent fee.

URGENT: If a pharmacy fails to complete the renewal process and allows a license to become DELINQUENT, the pharmacy must cease operating until the Renewal Application is process and the license shows as ACTIVE on the License Verification Page. A pharmacy license will PERMANENTLY EXPIRE 90 days after the license expiration date. Once a license is permanently expired, a new license must be obtained before operating a pharmacy.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing the Pharmacy Renewal Application

Instructions to Generate the Renewal Application

Enter the license number of the pharmacy in the box below to create the renewal form. Print out the form. Fill it out completely per the instructions.

Forms that are altered in appearance or submitted with missing items will NOT be processed. Any changes or updates that need to be made on the form should be lined through, with correct information next to them. Some updates may require additional information.