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How many hours of CE do I need to renew my license?

Pharmacists need at least 30 hours of approved CE in order to renew a regular (non-initial) active license. (Board rule 295.8(d)(1))

Are there any specific CE subject requirements I need to meet?

Yes. For regular renewal, all pharmacists are required to have at least thirty hours of approved CE (Board rule 295.8(d)(1)), including the following subjects, which have been summarized below.

For a comprehensive look at these requirements and what CE programs may be counted for each, click on the corresponding "Learn More" button for that requirement.

Comprehensive Overview of Pharmacist CE Subject Requirements


    Hours Per Renewal Period: 1
    Date(s) Required: Current requirement each renewal period


    Courses Per Renewal Period: One (1) Texas HHSC-approved training course*

      *See HHSC's list of approved programs here.

    Date(s) Required: Current requirement each renewal period

    NOTE: This is a training requirement under the purview of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and may or may not count toward your total required hours, dependent upon the course accreditation. Click the "Learn More" button for details and where to find courses approved by Texas HHSC.

    PROVIDERS: Providers that wish to submit their human trafficking prevention course(s) for approval to meet this requirement can find additional information and application materials on Texas HHSC’s website here.


    Hours Per Renewal Period: 2

    NOTE: Pharmacists licensed on or after September 1, 2020 must complete this requirement not later than the first anniversary of their licensure.

The following program is not required for license renewal, although participation is highly encouraged:

RECOMMENDED TRAINING (Legislatively Mandated)

    House Bill 3285 (86R) mandates that the board encourage pharmacists to participate in a program that provides a comprehensive approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for persons with substance use disorders and persons who are at risk of developing substance use disorders, such as a program promoted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Texas Targeted Opioid Response is a public health initiative operated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) through federal funding from SAMHSA and offers free continuing education on its website: Texas Opioid Training Initiative.

For a single-page summary of these general requirements, including exemption details for newly licensed pharmacists still in the initial renewal period, see the following PDFs:

General Renewal Requirements
New Pharmacists:
Initial Renewal Requirements
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thumbnail for new pharmacist CE summary

What CE is considered approved by the Board?

The Board considers several accreditation types as approved. The most common approved accreditation type is ACPE. A complete list of approved programs can be found in Board rule 295.8(e).

I'm renewing for the VERY first time for my 30-day renewal. Do I need CE?

No. You are exempt from needing to report CE within the 30-day renewal period upon initial licensure.

I'm renewing for the first time AFTER my 30-day renewal. Do I need CE?

Yes, you will need to meet a few specific CE requirements. Pharmacists are exempt from most CE requirements during the initial renewal period per Board rule 295.8(d)(4)(A), but will need to meet the following:

Both of these requirements were mandated by legislation passed during the 86th Texas Legislature.

You may also need CE if you wish to maintain specific certifications during your initial renewal period (e.g., sterile compounding, immunization, etc.). See this summary of specific certification requirements for details.

Do I need to send my CE certificates directly to the Board when I renew?

No. Pharmacists are required to maintain certificates of completion of approved continuing education for three years from the date of reporting the hours on a license renewal application (Board rule 295.8(f)(1)). Do not send CE certificates to the Board office unless requested.

What do I need to know about CE audits?

The Board has the authority to conduct an audit of pharmacist CE records for verification of reported CE credits (Board rule 295.8(f)(2)). Upon written request, a pharmacist will be required to provide to the board copies of completion certificates for all CE hours reported during a specified time period. Failure to provide all requested records during a specified time period constitutes prima facie evidence of failure to keep and maintain records and may result in disciplinary action. A license would also be subject to disciplinary action if false or fraudulent records were submitted in response to an audit.

I have an inactive pharmacist license. Do I need CE?

A pharmacist with an inactive license is not required to report any CE hours at the time of renewal. For more information regarding inactive license renewal and/or license reactivation, click here.

I would like to reactivate my inactive license. Do I need CE?

Yes. Please click here for additional information regarding reactivating your inactive pharmacist license.

I have CE requirements I need to complete as a result of disciplinary action. Can I count these hours toward my license renewal?

No. Any CE requirements imposed upon a pharmacist as part of a disciplinary order shall be in addition to the hours required to renew the license.

I would like to become a preceptor, pharmacist immunizer, certified in sterile compounding, and/or certified in drug therapy management. How do I do this?

If you'd like to update your license with a specific certification, you can find initial continuing education requirements here. Once you've completed the required CE and any other initial certification requirements, you may submit either the board certification update form or the drug therapy management form, depending on which certification(s) you've obtained. Both forms and submission instructions can be found on the pharmacist license update page.

What CE is required to maintain my preceptor certification?

You can find a summary of the preceptor CE requirements by clicking here. Complete preceptor CE requirements, including initial certification, can be found in Board rule 283.6. The Texas Consortium on Experiential Programs (TCEP) is the approving body for continuing education for preceptors. Learn more about TCEP and approved providers and scheduled programs here and learn more about the application process here.

What CE is required to maintain my sterile compounding certification?

You can find a summary of the sterile compounding CE requirements by clicking here. Complete sterile compounding CE requirements, including initial certification, can be found in Board rule 291.133.

What CE is required to maintain my pharmacist immunizer certification?

You can find a summary of pharmacist immunizer CE requirements by clicking here. Complete pharmacist immunizer CE requirements, including initial certification, can be found in Board rule 295.15.

What CE is required to maintain my drug therapy management certification?

You can find a summary of drug therapy management CE requirements by clicking here. Complete drug therapy management CE requirements, including initial certification, can be found in Board rule 295.13.

Does the Texas State Board of Pharmacy offer continuing education courses?

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy offers online courses and webinars that may be counted toward Texas license or registration renewal. TSBP courses are not required, but are additional resources for you to obtain CE. You can find all TSBP CE programs on our catalog page here.

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