Forms to Update a Pharmacy License

This page contains links to all application forms or instructions pertaining to changing an existing Texas Pharmacy (Facility) license.


Change of Ownership

Information regarding the process for when a pharmacy changes ownership. According to the Texas Pharmacy Act, Section 560.101, a Pharmacy License is not transferable or assignable. Therefore, if a pharmacy changes ownership, the new owner must obtain a new pharmacy license.


Change of Managing Officer

This form should be submitted if a pharmacy needs to add, remove, or change a Managing Officer. According to Texas Pharmacy Rule 291.3, a pharmacy must report a Change of Managing Officer within 10 days of the change.


Change of Name/Location

This form should be submitted if a pharmacy is needing to request a Change of Location or to notify the Board of a Change of Name (including adding a dba or assumed name). Per Pharmacy Rule 291.3, a pharmacy must notify the Board of a Name Change within 10 days and a pharmacy wishing to change location must file an application no later than 30 days before the date of the change of location.


Address Correction

Submit this form if the pharmacy is needing to correct their address due to a change made by a Governmental Entity (i.e. 911, Post Office, City, County, etc.) DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE ADDING, REMOVING, OR CHANGING SUITE NUMBERS. A Change in Suite Numbers is considered a Change of Location.


Change of Pharmacist-in-Charge

Submit this form if the pharmacy has had a change in the person designated to be the Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC). In lieu of this form, changes of PIC can now be submitted through the Online Licensing System. Learn more here. According to Pharmacy Rule 291.3, the incoming Pharmacist-in-Charge is responsible for notifying the Board within 10 days of the change.


Add/Remove Balances

This form should be submitted if the pharmacy needs to add or remove any Balances or Scales registered with TSBP. A Pharmacy must register all balances/scales located in the pharmacy.


Update Pharmacy Services

This form should be submitted to add or delete services available at the pharmacy. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE CLASSIFICATION OR RANK.


Change of Pharmacy Classification/Rank

Submit this form if you are requesting a Change to the Pharmacy Classification or Rank (i.e. wanting to change from a Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy to a Sterile Compounding Pharmacy).


Updating Employment for a Pharmacy License

Instructions for the Pharmacist-in-Charge or administrator to change the employees listed as Staff Pharmacists and Technicians on the Pharmacy License.


Miscellaneous Changes to a Pharmacy License

Instructions on submitting changes regarding the contact information for a pharmacy, number of hospital beds, etc.


Closing a Pharmacy

Submit this form to Close the Pharmacy License. Per Rule 291.5, a pharmacy must submit in writing to the Board no later than the 10th day after closing the pharmacy.


Sworn Disclosure Statement

A Sworn Disclosure Statement Form must be submitted to the Board in accordance to Board Rule §291.3 for Required Notifications (relating to Sworn Disclosure Statement) and as required by §560.052(b) of the Act. Changes in Managing Officer and/or Ownership within 10 business days in addition to submission of a Sworn Disclosure Statement Form.