Due to COVID-19-related problems we are experiencing with the vendor who normally sends our renewal reminders, the Board may NOT be able to individually notify licensees or registrants regarding their pending expiration date with a postcard. We are working hard to notify all impacted individuals and entities via email, but please be sure to check your renewal date to ensure that your license/registration remains active. You can find your expiration date via our verifications page.

Pharmacist Renewal

Pharmacists are required to renew every two years after the initial renewal. You can renew through the Online Licensing System.

Below are some commonly asked questions and resources regarding pharmacist license renewal.

What CE requirements do I need to meet to renew?

    Visit our Continuing Education page for a comprehensive look at what CE requirements you may need to meet to renew your license.

I want to place my license on inactive status.

    During the online renewal process, you can request the Inactive status by using the pull-down response list when answering the question regarding completion of CE hours. However, you cannot practice pharmacy in Texas while the status is Inactive.

    For more information regarding inactive status, see this document.

I want to reactivate my inactive license.

I am a military service member, military veteran, or military spouse. What are my renewal options?

    Board rule 283.12 provides certain benefits to military service members, military veterans, and military spouses.

    See this chart for detailed information about these options and how you can request them when renewing.

Related Questions

I'm not practicing pharmacy in Texas and don't plan to practice pharmacy in Texas anymore. Can I retire or cancel my license?

    There is no option to retire, cancel, or place a hold on your license. However, you can simply allow your license to lapse if you wish. See this document for details.