Relicensure — Pharmacy Technicians

Before proceeding, answer the following questions to determine if the relicensure application is appropriate:

  1. Are you a registered pharmacy technician or a pharmacy technician trainee?
    1. Registered Pharmacy Technician - If this is your license type, proceed to Question 2.
    2. Pharmacy Technician Trainee - If this is your license type, you are not eligible for relicensure or renewal. Instead apply to upgrade your registration to a pharmacy technician registration.
    3. Not sure – Verify your registration type using the Online Verification Page.

  2. Is your Registration Delinquent or Expired?

    1. Delinquent - You are not eligible for relicensure, but you can renew your pharmacy technician registration.
    2. Expired - If your registration is expired, proceed to Question 3.
    3. Not sure – Verify Registration Status using the Online Verification Page

  3. Do you have an ACTIVE national pharmacy technician certification with either Pharmacy Technician Certification Board  or National Healthcareer Association?

    1. Yes – Request a relicensure application packet by emailing with the subject line "Relicensure application packet request." Please include your full name (as licensed with us), your date of birth or expired TSBP Technician License number.
    2. No – You will not be eligible for relicensure until you have a current certification from one of the above national certification entities. Contact one of the above entities to learn how to obtain pharmacy technician certification.